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August 2016 Natural Remedies for Liver Health

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August 2016

The Bridge Card/Double Up Buck program at the Market.

Chantelle will be coordinating the program at the market year this year.  She is selling healing and homemade tea, heirloom vegetables, and sourdough breads on Saturdays from 7am-12noon.

Natural Health Consultations with Maurine-½ hour $30.00; 1 hour $50.00

  Call 734-240-2786 to make appointment

Ionic Foot Bath now available by appointment-1/2 hour $35.00; 1 hour $50.00

Family Farms Co-op:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Orders due August 10 and August 24 at noon; Pickup August 12 & August 26 2:30-3:30-at VFW Hall 1620 Dix-Toledo, Southgate

 First FridayDowntown Monroe August 5-Bonus Discount Day 5% off for First Friday

Join many businesses with art exhibit, food and drink specials.

. Transitions for Women a support group for women that have lost their partners-Next Meeting held at First Presbyterian Church

August 20 at 3:00 PM

Healthy Steps a women’swalking group Tuesday August 2 and August 23 at 5:30 meet at Health Matters

Monroe County Fair July 31-August 6

River Raisin Jazz Festival August 11-13 and Fine Arts Fair August 13-14

Yoga with Shannon: Saturday sessions Christ Lutheran Church 8:15-9:15 AM 

Namaste Yoga Center 8177 Secor Rd. Lambertville for schedule you can go to www.namasteyogacenter.weebly.comor pick up schedule at the store.


Healthy Happenings: Natural Remedies forLiver Health Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Dr. Michael Murray, N.D.

The liver gives us the ability to filter out chemicals and toxins, which makes it one of our most important organs. We really need to keep it as healthy as possible. We have seen more customers with fatty liver disease, non-alcoholic cirrhosis, cirrhosis, and all forms of hepatitis. I have a great story about healing the liver. Just after we opened, we had a man visit that was so sick he was on the liver transplant list.  He was yellow with jaundice and had ascites (fluid in the abdomen). After reading one of our natural healing books, he decided to try the milk thistle. He also gave up alcohol. In a few months he returned like a new person.  All of his symptoms disappeared and he was taken off of the transplant list.  One practice of healthy people is to take the milk thistle for 2-4 weeks two times a year, just to keep the liver working well. 

·         Symptoms:

1.      Fatty Liver and Hepatitis C may have no symptoms for year’s even decades.

2.      Fatigue, loss of appetite, loss of weight, nausea and/or vomiting

3.      Fever, enlarged tender liver, jaundice

4.      Dark urine

5.      Normal to low WBC (white blood cell count)

6.      Elevated liver enzymes

·         Dietary:

1.      During acute phase: replace fluids through the consumption of vegetable broth, bone broth, diluted vegetable juices, and herbal teas.

2.      In chronic cases: the diet should be low in saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, oxidized fatty acids, and animal products.

3.      Garlic, legumes, onions, eggs and other foods with high sulfur content.

4.      Good sources of water-soluble fiber, such as pears, oat bran, apples and legumes.

5.      Vegetables in the brassica family, especially broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

6.      Green foods such as wheatgrass juice, dehydrated barley grass juice, chlorella, and spirulina

·         Nutritional Supplements:

1.      High-potency multiple vitamin –taken at least twice a day

2.      Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids-500-1,000 mg at least 3 times per day

3.      Fish oil or cod liver oil (Omega 3)-1,000-3,000 mg of EPA + DHA daily

4.      Vitamin D: 2,000-4,000 IU per day with fat source

5.      One of the Following:

v  Grape seed extract 150-300 mg per day

v  Pine bark extract 150-300 mg per day

·         Herbal Remedies:

1.      Milk Thistle:  It contains several anti-inflammatory compounds and enhances the liver’s ability to filter toxins from the blood.

 140 mg to 210 mg three times per day

2.      Turmeric: can reduce inflammation

3.      Burdock and Dandelion: are important for cleaning the liver and blood stream

4.      Artichoke: Increases the effectiveness of liver function

·         Homeopathic Remedies are symptom specific


Maurine is happy to provide her opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.

As always, contact your pharmacist regarding any potential vitamin/drug interactions.  Notify physician regarding any alternative remedies.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables delivered every other week-

Raw cow & goat milk and Amish grass fed meat or call 1-269-476-8883

Store News:

v  Local Delivery to shut-ins available

v  Bridge Cards accepted at the store.

v  Family Discount Day: Every Wednesday get 5% off of entire order.

v  Free Muscle Testing


Save the Earth Tip: Dress to impress – Try making your own mayonnaise.  Once you’ve samples its fresh vibrant flavor, you’ll be very reluctant to return to preservative-laden commercial varieties. Beat two egg yolks, and mix them with one half teaspoon Celtic sea salt, hale a teaspoon of mustard powder, and four to five teaspoons of lemon juice or white wine vinegar.  Then beat in 1 to 1 ½ cup of olive oil, a drop at a time, making sure that each drop has been absorbed into the mixture before adding any more.  To reduce the slim risk of salmonella associated with eating raw eggs, make sure that you use very fresh one (I prefer farm fresh from the farmers market), keep your mayonnaise refrigerated, and use it within three days---if you’ve got any left, you can always put it on your hair.

Words to Live By

It’s the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.

Claude M. Bristol


Natural Beauty Recipe of the Month from Dr. Oz show

Brew a pot of green or white tea

1/4 cup raw honey

1/4 cup aloe vera gel

Several fresh cucumber slices


Add raw honey and aloe vera to hot tea.  Allow to cool to room temperature (at least 4 hours or overnight) then add slices of cucumber.  Whenever you have time to relax, place cucumber slices on each eye to relieve swelling and reduce under eye circles. 


Maurine Sharp Natural Nurse

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August 2016 Natural Remedies for healthy liver

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