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May 2013

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Healthy Hydration





Monroe Happenings:

Winner of the $25.00 gift certificate is L. McLaughlin

Health Matters monthly sale!!!! April is National Drinking water month so you can get 10% off Select water filters, Shower filters, Wayback Water 16.9 ounce bottle, MetroMint water.

Natural Health Consultations with Maurine-1 hour $50.00; ½ hour $30.00

Solid State Energy Work-Video available  Initial consultation 1 ½ hour $100.00; weekly follow up consultation 15-30 minutes $25.00; for more information or to make appointment call Maurine @ 734-240-2786

Family Farms Co-op:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Orders due May 22 at noon; Pickup May 24 Southgate 2:30-3:30

Yoga with Shannon: Saturday sessions Christ Lutheran Church 8:15-9:15 AM.Community Education Classes at Health Matters: Sign up for classes through Monroe Community Education 734-265-4950

Homemade Herbal #1-May 6 6:30-7:30

Homemade Herbal #2-May 13 6:30-7:30

Health Matters Calendar e-mailed upon request or pick up copy at the store


Healthy Happenings: Healthy Hydration  

May is national drinking water month.  I have been an advocate for drinking water, instead of soda’s or fruit juice for many years.  I purchased an Aquasauna (double carbon water filter) and a shower filter for Christmas about 5 years ago.  I purchase Glacier Water (reverse osmosis)from Hillers for our customers.  I do not advocate bottled water for several reasons; first much of the bottled water has been tested by  for source, purification, testing and advanced treatment and they concluded most of the bottled water is poor quality; another reason is the chemicals that are allowed to be in drinking water (chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, some prescription medications, etc.); pollution of our environment due to excessive amounts of plastic going into our landfills; and last but not least most of our water bottles have Bisphenol A (BPA)  which exhibits hormone-like properties.  In 2010 the United States FDA warned of possible hazards to fetuses, infants, and young children. Cost is another issue, using the Aquasauna filter each gallon of water I filter costs about ten cents per gallon. People using either Brita or PUR Plus water filters pay about twenty cents per gallon. I have been using a glass water bottle that I refill with filtered water. 

I know many people dislike the taste of water (really there is no taste) so to help with this issue we have flavored liquid stevia (berry, lemon, orange, root beer, English toffee, peppermint or grape); we are ordering Slender Sticks from Now Foods to add to the water (tropical punch or pomegranate berry flavors) that are made with Xylitol and stevia with organic natural flavorings.


Signs of Dehydration:

v  Headaches                                                                                                      

v  Sluggish mental function

v  Elevated blood pressure

v  Increased acidity

v  Psoriasis

v  Cravings

v  Depression

v  Angina, Asthma

v  Heartburn/Acid Reflux

v  Slow healing of injuries

v  A 2% loss of water in children causes 20% reduction in mental and physical activity.



Most of us are dehydrated even if we drink the recommended six 8oz glasses of water per day.  When we consume caffeinated beverages, which act as diuretics in the body, we need to add one glass of water for every cup of coffee or caffeinated beverage consumed.  Most of the drinking water we consume passes through the body without hydrating the cells.  Wayback Water passes through the cell walls within seconds to fully hydrate.  I have been drinking Wayback Water for almost 2 years following the suggested ramp up schedule.  I now take 12 ounces first thing in the morning and before bed.  My Ph levels are much improved 6.8 from 6.0 using the water.  The water can help with detoxification and cleansing.  I now use it to reduce wrinkles by spraying on my face and neck daily.  One tablespoon Wayback water is added to a gallon on filtered water for consumption.  Rosa suggested making up gallons of the water for customers at $3.50 per gallon, or you can purchase a 16.7 ounce bottle of the concentrate for $40.00, this should last about six months.  We used to sell alkaline water (from Michigan) but the cost was $4.99 per gallon.


Hydrating Foods:                                                     Homemade Electrolyte Drink

v  Watermelon                                                  1 quart filtered water

v  Cucumber                                                     Juice of 2-3 lemons depending on size

v  Cantaloupe                                                   1/3 cup raw honey or natural sugar

v  Bell Peppers                                                 ½ teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt

v  Coconut water                                 Heat ½ cup water to warm, place in bottom of

v  Lettuce Greens                            quart jar, add honey and Celtic sea salt.  Stir until

v  Cabbage                                   dissolved. Add lemon juice and remainder of water.

v  Pineapple                                              Stir to combine.  Store in refrigerator.

v  Grapefruit

v  Celery

v  Berries

v  Carrots


 As always, contact your pharmacist regarding any potential vitamin/drug interactions.  Notify physician regarding any alternative remedies. 


Organic Fruits and Vegetables delivered every other week-

Raw cow & goat milk and Amish grass fed meat or call 1-269-476-8883

Local Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies Small $4.50; Large $5.50


Store News:

  • Local Delivery to shut-ins available

·         United Natural Foods Special Orders:  Due May 8 and May 22, 2013

  • Bridge Cards accepted at the store.
  • Family Discount Day: Every Wednesday get 5% off of entire order.
  • Free Muscle Testing


Maurine is available for Natural Health & Nutritional

Consultations by appointment


Save the Earth Tip: Micro Gardening You do not need a garden to develop a green thumb---you can grow herbs on your kitchen windowsill, lettuce and other salad greens in window boxes, and potatoes in a stack of old tires filled with soil mix.  I plan to attend the annual plant sale at Monroe County fair grounds on Mother’s day.  You can also purchase organic plants at St. Mary Organic Farm Community Garden on Wednesday May 15 from 3-6.  Happy planting!!!


Recipe of the Month:                        Maurine’s Morning Health Tonic


1 cup herbal infusion (oatstraw, red clover, or nettle) or filtered water

1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated                                ½ teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon coconut oil                                                ½ teaspoon turmeric

Juice of ½ lemon                                                         1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

½ teaspoon Celtic sea salt                                           dash of black pepper

1 tablespoon flax seed, ground


I start by warming the herbal infusion or filtered water; add grated ginger and coconut oil cover and let steep 3-5 minutes.  Add lemon juice, Celtic sea salt, ground flax, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper and a little black pepper to help with the absorption of turmeric.  I just stir and drink.


Maurine Natural Nurse

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May 2013 Healthy Hydration  

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